Wednesday, November 10, 2010


...are always a long day for me. I have class from 9 in the morning to 6 at night. I woke up a few minutes early today to make myself some oatmeal. I felt good and was energized and sore from a workout I did yesterday! (I love that feeling!)

Strawberry Banana oatmeal. Check it out:

It was nice and warm and filling for a chilly morning.

I worked with 7th grade students today. We are making a music video based on the book The Outsiders. After a lot of planning, today we finally recorded the music video. It was really fun to see middle school students let go of their inhibitions and have fun dancing to the music video. Every week I have really enjoyed working with them.

I had a quick break in between classes to make some lunch at home. It was tuna with a little mayo on spinach leaves and multi-grain bread and an apple and sharp cheddar cheese. I would have photographed it, but it was not the most visually appealing lunch (and I am not the best food stylist, either). I also enjoyed a piece of my strawberry yogurt cake for dessert. I love that cake! It's so dense and moist. You have to try it!

When I headed back to school for my final class of the day I tried an Odwalla granola bar for a snack. It was pretty good, but I still think I like Cliff or Luna bars the best.
During class, I received a text from my friend Nicole asking if I would want to join her and Ida for a pilates/yoga class tonight. I did not want to pass that up! I agreed, but I had to rush home and eat dinner very fast to make it to the class on time. My only choice was to pick up a healthy choice dinner because I have NOTHING in my kitchen. It was OK and I didn't have time to relax and eat. I grabbed an apple on the go and made it to the class. The class was a bit of a challenge, but the instructor was BORING. She was not engaging at all and didn't even act happy to be there! I don't plan on going to her class again, but exercising in the company of my two friends was very nice.

I think not eating a fulfilling dinner definitely caused me to indulge in the goodies when I got home. I made some chocolate banana smoothies to share with my roomies.

With this packet of chocolate you add one large, ripe banana, ice, and skim milk. They are so good, and not a lot of calories. A guilt free treat, if you will. Then, I had ANOTHER piece of my delicious cake. I probably shouldn't have eaten the piece of cake, but, oh well, I'll live.

I need to start packing! I am heading home tomorrow! :)


  1. Nothing annoys me more than BORING instructors!! Pilates / yoga / Zumba / any exercise class... boring instructors are annoying. I mean, don't they want to keep us coming back regularly?? Gee. Hehe, anyway, have a safe trip home tomorrow!

  2. Oatmeal is such a great comforting go-to meal!

    Welcome home--glad you'll be in town for the holidays!