Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day of Fun

Yesterday was my day to plan a "day of fun" for Joe and I. (Even though, everyday is a fun day for us.) I planned a day of rock climbing with a picnic. Then, a nice dinner at Bier Garden.

Before I picked up Joe I ate Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds for breakfast. I love me some cereal.

Once I arrived at Joe's house I asked him where he preferred to climb - Looking Glass Rock in Pisgah National Forest or Rumbling Bald at Lake Lure. He picked Lake Lure (the place we went two days ago!). And so we went!

After two climbs for Joe and one for me, we ate lunch. I packed a lunch of apples, raspberry yogurts, granola, blue tortilla chips, and a Turkey BLT wrap from Earthfare. It was very satisfying!

After lunch, Joe got in one more climb and we decided to head home and take a nap! There are two kinds of naps. One is the kind where you wake up feeling refreshed. The other kind is where you wake up feeling groggy and worse than before you fell asleep. Unfortunately, we both felt really groggy when we woke up. After a shower, I felt a lot better. Then we headed downtown to Bier Garden for dinner.

We shared nachos as an appetizer. For dinner, Joe had a salmon, brie, panini. I had a burger with pepper jack cheese and sweet potato fries on the side. Joe seemed to really like his. My burger was a little over cooked (and I like mine medium-well!) but the sweet potato fries were really good.

As we walked out of the restaurant we saw a hit and run! Joe happened to get the guys plate number before he drove away. We wrote it down and put it on the victim's car. I can't believe how inconsiderate some people are. It was our good deed for the day! :)

The rest of the night we just relaxed and watched Mad Men.



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