Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's Official...#2

I joined the sushi club! I tried Sushi for the first time today and I loved it! I Wish I had my camera to take pictures of the giant BOAT filled with sushi my friends and I had, but I didn't have it with me. :( I will try to remember all the names:

Bagel roll - salmon, cream cheese, and rice in a FRIED bagel! YUM!
Philly roll

Okay, sadly, I can't remember any of the other names, and we ordered six different kinds! They were all so good!

I have been enjoying a lot of first's lately. :) I love trying new things!




  1. YAYYYYY well done you!! I can't believe you haven't tried sushi before this, but I am so glad you did. Welcome to the sushi club! It's an awesome club :)

  2. I love when people go outside of the box and try new things! I love sushi and it's great that you like it too!