Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Today started out just...eh...then, ended with a Goodberry! (I know, corny.)

First of all, my classes were so boring. All we did was watch videos. No interaction or anything. It made the day seem so long.

Second, today was not a good food day for me. I had no appetite for anything I had in my kitchen. I should have listened to my body and actually ate the things I wanted, but instead I just forced what I had down my throat and I enjoyed nothing I ate today...



Nicole and I decided to meet up at Goodberry's tonight for some quality girl time. If you aren't familiar with Goodberry's (which I wasn't until tonight) it is a frozen custard shop where all they ingredients are natural without preservatives. Everyday they have four flavors: chocolate, vanilla, sugar free vanilla, and the flavor of the day. You can also add in fruits, nuts, and assorted candies.

Today I had Chocolate with raspberries. Mmmm!

It was so creamy! Way better than regular ice cream!
Nicole had chocolate with caramel and it was so rich!
Nicole and I talked about many things and reminisced over the half marathon.

A lovely candid shot of Nicole and I before the race. Not sure what's going on...

I plan to go back when the flavor of the day is pumpkin!

Time for a hot shower, some reading, and bed!

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  1. That's so awesome that you did the half marathon.. something you would continue to reminisce for sure!