Monday, November 15, 2010

Busy Weekend

Whew! This weekend was so fast, but so fun!

On Saturday: Joe and I went for a bike ride with our friend Matt. Matt is the pro-biker of the group and has been road biking for years.

My awesome bike!

We went for 20 miles, with a few rolling hills with one tough hill! At least, it was tough for me. My bike muscles have not matured! I need more practice.

Afterward, Joe and I went to Papa's and Beer for lunch! :)

Two Enchilada's with chicken and beans and rice. Ate only one Enchilada, most of the rice, and about half of the beans. It was sooooooo good!

Unfortunately, that night we had to head back to school. We said our goodbyes to our families. It was so sad because our visit went so quickly, but we will see them again next week for Thanksgiving!

On Sunday, my mom met up with me at Joe's apartment. I was going to be alone for the day, because he had a climbing event to lead with his school. My mom decided to come hang out with me for the day, so I wouldn't be alone. So nice of her. :)

We went to IKEA, ate lunch at Carraba's (we shared the chicken trio!) and the mall. We bought lots of stuff including a new helmet, biking pants, a blazer from Banana Republic, and a new top from the loft.

Joe eventually met up with us and we got frozen yogurt at Yogurt Mountain! The yogurt is self serve. There is a huge bar of toppings with different fruits, candies, cookies, and granola. The cost is 45 cents/ounce. It was fun making my own concoction.

Mine was Pumpkin Yogurt with graham cracker crumbs, oatmeal cookie chunks, and coconut.

This is Joe's...not even sure what is in it!


Back to the old grind! I have lots of reading to get through tonight! I am already thinking about breakfast in the morning!!

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