Saturday, November 13, 2010

Time Flies

So far this weekend has been really fun, but it's going by way too fast!

On Thursday night, Joe and I arrived back home at 7 o'clock and picked up his sister and brother and headed straight for Mellow Mushroom! It has a really unique atmosphere, the waiters and waitresses are really friendly, and, of course, the food rocks! We split between the four of us a Caesar Salad and a large Hawaiian pizza. Afterward, we met up with some of our old friends.

On Friday, Joe and I ate at 12 Bones Smokehouse for lunch! 12 Bones has the best BBQ you will ever have. They have chicken, turkey, and pork. They have specialty sandwiches (Joe's favorite is the Smoked Turkey with sugar bacon, brie cheese, and pesto mayo!) and salad's. You can pick two sides, such as mac n cheese, buttered green beans, mashed sweet potatoes, baked beans, corn pudding etc. etc. It's delicious!

Pork plate topped with sweet tomato bbq sauce with green beans, mashed sweet potatoes, and corn bread. YUM!

Afterward we went on a short hike. The mountains look absolutely beautiful in the fall with colors of red, orange, and yellow. The mountains have a golden glow when the sun hits them just right.

After the hike, I showered and got ready for our friend's father's surprise birthday party.

It was at a new Italian restaurant called Trivinia. Free food and drinks all around!

Appetizer plate!

Pumpkin cheesecake! I had to nibble before I took the picture!

A belly dancer!

They threw a great party!

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