Saturday, November 6, 2010

That's a Spicy Meat-a ball-a!

These past couple of days have been really fun.

Thursday Night: Mellow Mushroom was wonderful as always. Amir and I split a medium cheese pizza (sometimes, simple is the best!) and the waitress brought out pizza dough rolls covered in cinnamon, sugar, and honey for Elizabeth's birthday!

The girs!

Later on, Joe met up with us!

On Friday:
I woke up early to go tutor at the middle school. Unfortunately, I woke up for nothing! I went to the school and the teacher told me they would not be having class until 10 am. Whoops! So I went home and ate some breakfast with Joe. a small bowl of granola and milk and two scrambled eggs. We spent the rest of the morning just relaxing.
Lunch was awesome! I picked up smoked salmon at Harris teeter and made open faced sandwiches with a salad on the side.

So colorful!

The bread is a multi grain Nature's Way roll. So I made a little lemon butter to spread on top.
Lemon butter recipe:
Butter, softened
Lemon zest
Just mash the two together with a fork!
Then the sandwich was topped with spinach leaves and smoked salmon!

The salad was mixed baby greens with cucumber, sharp, cheddar cheese, and strawberries!

It was so good! One of Joe's favorite foods is smoked salmon (He is from Finland!) and he loved the sandwich!
For dessert, we had the last of the pumpkin choco muffins! I am so sad they are gone!

Afterward, we went on a run. It was around three miles and then we walked some. Oh and by the way, I have run twice now and the pain in my foot is gone! It's a miracle! My race is tomorrow, and I am so happy to know I am not going to be in excruciating pain. Can wait to tell everyone how it goes!

I also baked a delicious cake yesterday to share with my parents and Joe for dessert tonight! (I'll share more about it on my next post). Here's a sneak peak:

Then, it was time to go pick up my race packet. I am number 3584. I got a nice, long sleeve racing shirt and a cool bag with lots of goodies! Including a snack:

Dinner was awesome too! It was my pre-race dinner, so I made spaghetti and meatballs with bread and a salad. Lots of carbs!

I love meat balls. They are probably my favorite food of all time. My mom makes THE BEST meat balls. Her meat balls are not for wimps - they are huge! When she makes them I will even eat them as a snack!

I tried to mimic my mom's recipe. Beef, bread crumbs, a little garlic salt, pepper, and fresh basil. They turned out really good. The tomato sauce is just store bought Prego sauce. The salad was mixed baby greens and cucumbers.

I asked Joe if he liked Italian or Swedish meatballs better. He said Italian! This is a BIG deal - anything that is Scandinavian, to Joe, is the best. I was so proud.
Dinner made me stuffed! I even TRIED to eat dessert! (A piece of chocolate) I couldn't do it!

Later, we went to the movies and saw Due Date. It was pretty funny. Robert Downey Jr. was nice to look at and Zach Gilifanakis (no idea if I spelled his name right) is HILARIOUS!

My parents will be here soon! I have missed them!

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