Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Festivities

This weekend was so much fun!

After breakfast on Saturday morning, Joe and I went to the mall. Joe wanted to purchase some new winter gloves and a hat (I think he is eager for the ski season!). He also bought part of his Halloween costume! Then, we stopped in Williams-Sonoma "just to browse" (actually more like, dream). I dreamed about all of the various jars of pumpkin I could buy: Pecan Pumpkin Butter, Pumpkin Curry, and Pumpkin Parmesan. But at 10+ bucks a pop, I had to refrain.

Joe got a kick out of the Star Wars Display.

Joe insisted that I buy a peeler. I tend to make him peel produce in the kitchen, and I don't have a peeler so he always groans about having to peel with a knife. I had no complaints about buying it! It was my first official Williams-Sonoma purchase at $3.50! It's absolutely glorious!

At my apartment, I had homemade chicken noodle soup waiting for us in the crockpot. I also made BLT sandwiches. The soup was really good with lots of chunky vegetables and big pieces of chicken. I have plenty of leftovers! :)

After lounging around for a while, we headed out for a night at the North Carolina State Fair.

I was determined to: 1. eat fair food and 2. go on the PERFECT Ferris wheel ride with my man.

We successfully accomplished task one. We had hot dogs/corn dogs and fries for dinner. For some reason my hot dog was a bright red color, which kind of freaked me out. But I decided to not ask questions and just eat it. :/ For dessert, a frozen chocolate covered banana with nuts and sprinkles. YUM.

As for the second task, there were three different Ferris wheels I had to pick from. Joe swore they were all the same. I swore one was more fun than the other. We walked all around the fair together and we picked the perfect one.

We waited in line, handed in our tickets, and climbed aboard. Just as we reached the top of the ride, fireworks started going off!

How awesome is that?!

Perfect Ferris wheel ride with my man = success.

On Sunday (the sad day Joe has to leave), we carved a HUGE pumpkin.

We had a few choices of what we wanted to carve. The verdict...

The winking pumpkin!

The Amazing Pumpkin Carver. :)

Happy Fall!

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