Monday, April 11, 2011

French Food

Joe and I made a fantastic French-inspired dinner. Chicken with a Dijon mustard cream sauce, Carrots braised in butter (Julia Child original), and skinny fries with a mayo/ketchup dipping sauce. It was AMAZING to say the least.

Of course, there was lots of butter and cream involved. :)

Joe handled the chicken which was a recipe from Katie Brown's Weekends (the French section, of course). It turned out absolutely delicious. I could tell Joe had fun making it, too. Deglazing was involved - which made him feel like a "real chef." ;) He is so adorable.

I handled the carrots, fries, and dipping sauce. The carrots were easy to make. Boil them with a tablespoon of sugar (according to Julia this "develops their flavor"), a tablespoon of butter, and a pinch salt for about thirty minutes. Drain any extra water. Toss them in more butter and chopped parsley. They turned out great! They were soft, very flavorful, and the orange and green together looked beautiful.

The fries were store bought. Buy them unseasoned so you can add a little tarragon to them to give them more class. ;) The dipping sauce is simple. Two parts mayo to one part ketchup. Our favorite French restaurant serves often serves this dipping sauce as a side, so we decided it was a must.

Dessert, anyone?

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